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Firefighter Training to Become a Career Firefighter

Firefighter Training to Become a Career Firefighter

Some little boys and girls grow out of their childhood career aspirations to become a firefighter. Others know there’s no other profession for them!

If you’re in the latter group and excited to begin a fast-paced, rewarding career as a firefighter, Health Career Institute can help you set out on the path toward your dream job today.

Becoming a firefighter means committing to your community, your colleagues, and the people you are responsible for keeping safe and protected from harm. The right training and proper education are key for helping you do that with maximum efficiency and safety for all involved. Here at HCI, we offer strong training programs to help you on your way to becoming the best firefighter you can be.

Career vs. Volunteer Firefighter

Beginning as a volunteer firefighter for an unpaid department is a great way to be sure this career is right for you, and an excellent way to gain valuable experience that will help you in a career position once you’re credentialed to move up. As a volunteer, you will likely not work shifts in the same way professional firefighters do, and will spend more time “on call” than on duty.

Career firefighters often work 8-12-hour shifts at a time, during which they generally remain in the fire department and prepared to move into action immediately upon receiving a call.

How a Fire Science Degree Prepares You for a Career as Firefighter

At HCI, you can pursue a firefighting career through multiple avenues. The best way to become fully prepared to work as a firefighter is by obtaining an associate’s degree in fire science, which rounds out your education with general coursework as well as information you’ll need to pass state exams.

Courses include:
● Fire Prevention Practices
● Private Fire Protection Systems I
● Building Construction For The Fire Service
● Fire Codes & Standards
● Fire Fighting Tactics & Strategy I & II
● Fire Investigation Origin & Cause
● Fire Service Course Design
● Fire Service Microcomputer Applications

Outside of this study program, HCI also offers additional certificate programs to help you move up in your career. To learn more about these fire programs, click here.

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