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HCI’s RN Nursing Program

HCI's RN Nursing Program

Registered nurses, or RNs, are key to the functionality and procedures of many different types of medical centers.

RNs are or can be responsible for a great deal of tasks commonly associated with nursing in general, including patient intake and general patient care, assisting physicians and other medical personnel, supervising the nursing staff, and organizing office procedures in a doctor’s office or nurse’s station in other environments.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were more than 2.7 million employed registered nurses in 2015, making a median salary of over $67,000 annually. Job growth is expected to continue rapidly through at least the next decade, and all signs point to a career in nursing as one with long-term sustainability. The BLS indicates the largest populations of RNs work in hospitals, doctors’ offices, home healthcare settings, and skilled/specialized nursing facilities. Additional jobs are found for RNs in schools, correctional facilities, and the government/military.

Become an RN at HCI

Health Career Institute offers a well-rounded and comprehensive nursing program, including a bachelor’s degree in nursing that will prepare you to become an RN. There is also an associate’s degree option that takes about half the time to complete, which will also prepare you for the NCLEX-RN exam, the state board that issues nursing licenses to qualified candidates.

All of the nursing programs at HCI deliver a high-quality education that helps you feel confident in preparing for your first day on the job. You’ll receive focused classroom education covering subjects such as:

● Maintaining wellness of self and others
● Technical nursing skills
● Critical care concepts
● Professional development

To follow up this education portion, which can often be completed online, HCI will place you in a medical setting where you’ll complete clinical nursing rotations, exposing you to the lifestyle and working environment of a practicing nurse. This piece of your education helps to build confidence and experience that will be invaluable as you make your way forward in your career post-graduation.

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