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Firefighter EMT Training

Firefighter EMT Training

Becoming a firefighter means putting yourself in a career where others come first, and your safety is often risked for that of others.

Firefighters protect the members of their communities by spreading fire prevention and safety information and awareness, performing emergency rescue acts and of course, battling blazes. But a fire is not the only thing firefighters are expected to and able to protect civilians against. Firefighters are often required to obtain EMT training as well, in order to deliver emergency medical aid to those who need it when firefighters are on the scene.

Why Firefighters Need EMT Training

For some who live in metropolitan areas where ambulances are often seen and heard darting up and down the street, it might seem like firefighters having emergency medical training is redundant. But not all cities and parts of the country are able to supply their communities with EMS and fire departments, and in smaller municipalities and counties, these services might be shared among towns and need to cover distances.

No matter the reason, EMTs and ambulances are not always readily available to emergency scenes. And further, when firefighters enter burning or otherwise unsafe buildings—which many EMTs cannot—there is always a chance of a patient requiring immediate medical assistance that only the firefighter is in a position to deliver. An EMS-trained firefighter is simply better equipped to do his or her job of helping people and saving lives.

Firefighters with EMT training and experience also make for more efficient employees and may be more attractive to department heads when it comes time to obtain a job or change locations. With this know-how, firefighters may advance more quickly in their careers and even open themselves up to greater opportunities for career advancement and community service.

EMT Training for Firefighters at HCI

At HCI, you can obtain an associate’s degree in fire science to begin your career as a firefighter. In addition to this education, you may elect to enroll in a three-semester diploma program to become either an EMT-Basic or an EMT-Paramedic, adding those valuable hours and core education pieces to your knowledge base. To learn more about these programs, click here.

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