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Attend HCI to go from EMT to Paramedic

from EMT to Paramedic

Deciding on a career is a challenge in and of itself—never mind the work that follows once you’ve chosen your path.

If you’re lucky, in some fields, you can take small steps toward your potential career before fully committing to be sure it’s the right job for you. If you’re considering becoming a paramedic, this is one such case where becoming an EMT first might be the best first stage of your career in emergency medical response.

Becoming an EMT is an important and responsibility-laden commitment and is not without a great deal of hard work. However, because a large number of EMT (or EMT-B, EMT-Basic) positions are volunteer only, it’s not quite the same as the work required to become a paramedic (or EMT-P). Just the same, becoming an EMT is a stepping stone on the path to becoming a career paramedic. At HCI, it’s easier than you may think to take those next steps and turn your volunteer experience into your life’s work.

Becoming a Paramedic as an EMT

The EMT-B program at HCI grants students a diploma and the credentials to work in the field. Paramedic training involves all the same education and preparations as EMT-B training, but builds upon that foundation. Obtaining an associate’s degree in emergency medical services or paramedic diploma positions you to work as a paramedic, earning more and having more responsibilities when responding to medical emergency calls.

The courses in the paramedic program are more demanding and go deeper into concepts than EMT courses, as well as cover topics not discussed in EMT training. Your first-aid training will be expanded to cover more serious traumas and more advanced care administration.

Paramedic coursework is expected to be completed with a B (80%) average and takes place over three semesters. Schooling is concluded with the completion of 400 hands-on hours of practical training and education; 240 hours are on an ambulance and 160 are in a hospital setting. At the end of training, you’ll be prepared to sit for the NREMT paramedic exam.

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