Non-Clinical Nursing Jobs

Non-Clinical Nursing Jobs

While a countless number of professional nurses enter the field in order to provide dedicated hands-on care to patients in physicians’ offices and hospital settings, it is sometimes the very qualities that attract them to the job that end up overwhelming them in practice.

But future or current nurses don’t need to worry about their skill sets expiring when they’re ready for a career transition to non-clinical nursing. It may be a more seamless switch to a different working environment than you anticipated.

For many, consistent work in a clinical space is not the ultimate career path. Down the line, the constant hours of running, moving, and staying on high alert may prove to be a part of the job too stressful on the mind and body to continue. Some nurses may become physically unable to work in a clinical environment, and still others may just find that in a new season of life, a new career challenge is calling.

The skills and education you obtain in your training to become a nurse—as well as the innumerable valuable experiences you have on the job—can serve as the perfect springboard into a similar non-clinical nursing-related career.

Informatics – As a nurse, you’ll gain a great deal of insight into areas of the world you have special access to. Members of the nursing informatics field work to improve the systems involved in patient care through consulting, technological advancements and developments, and trainings. Informatics positions may require an additional degree or certification.

Education – Many students of specialized fields will agree that they receive their most valuable education from those who have performed in the roles the students are being trained to fill as well. As an experienced nurse, you can offer necessary insight to add to an institution’s curriculum and help to train and inspire the next generation of nurses in your community. Higher learning institutions may require an advanced degree.

In addition to these two highly in-demand second (or first) careers for trained nurses, you might consider:
● Nursing/health administration
● Insurance
● Healthcare recruitment
● Medical/health writer, editor or consultant
● Patient advocate
● Medical or pharmaceutical distribution

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