Retiring Paramedics Opens Positions for Newcomers

There’s good news to be had for up-and-coming health professionals, and those recently enrolled in paramedic or EMT-B training and education programs.

Thanks to a combination of the ever-present need for health care providers and an uptick in those in the profession nearing or reaching retirement, the field is seeing a paved path for new and future paramedics.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, Florida fire rescue professionals and health care careers training institutes agreed that the crop of paramedic-firefighters that has swelled over the past few decades is ready to begin vacating their posts, paving the way for newcomers to the squads.

State labor statistics indicate a steadily growing and positive outlook for EMT-Paramedic positions. And as wages in the field tend to inflate with experience and training achieved, and given the fact that these positions generally include robust benefits and pension packages, the career path is one to be optimistic about. In 2014, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated a 24% growth in jobs for paramedics over the coming decade.

As the landscape of health care and industry careers shift, opportunities for employment do as well. A healthy portion of paramedics are employed by fire departments, other jobs are waiting to be filled at hospitals, private physicians’ offices, urgent/emergency care centers, ambulance corps, and even, according to the Sun-Sentinel, medical care units that act as part of major construction site teams.

Becoming a Paramedic at HCI

Health Career Institute brings the path to becoming a paramedic closer than you think. With a diploma program completion or associates degree in EMS under your belt, you can begin learning and then earning in just a few short years.

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