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HCI’s Paramedic Program

HCI Paramedic Education

HCI College brings a leading, student-focused training and education experience to Florida students and hopefuls in pursuit of a great career.

If you’re interested in obtaining a career as a Paramedic, HCI is the perfect place to take your first steps toward this exciting and rewarding line of work.

Why Become a Paramedic?

A key piece of any state or community is the emergency medical technician corps, made up of volunteers as well as professional Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedics (EMT-Ps or simply paramedics). These responders provide immediate and often life-saving care.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a positive job outlook for paramedics, who can expect a healthy salary in the neighborhood of $31,000 per year.

Paramedic Education at HCI

Becoming a Paramedic in Florida starts with a comprehensive diploma program, plus on-the-job internship experience in both hospitals and ambulances. At HCI, we cover 45 credits over three semesters.

In the first term at HCI College, you will study in a combined lab/lecture. The majority of study will cover pre-hospital care, or what a paramedic needs to know when responding to an emergency scene. Topics covered include:

● Medical legal issues
● Illness and injury prevention
● Ethics
● Patient assessment
● Medication administration
● Therapeutic communications

Successful completion requires an 80% or B average or higher.

In your second semester, a second level of lab/lecture study will explore such specializations as:

● Cardiology
● Neurology
● Allergies
● Gastroenterology
● Toxicology
● Communicable diseases
● Gynecology

And trauma emergencies like:
● Burns
● Spinal injuries
● Head trauma
● Hemorrhage

In this semester an 80% or B average is also required.

The third semester brings the focus to theory and procedures, and study topics include:

● Pediatrics
● Abuse and assault
● Patients with special challenges
● Acute interventions for the chronic care patient
● Ambulance operations
● Hazardous materials incidents
● Crime scene awareness

Once completing your coursework at HCI College, you are encouraged to return for refresher courses. CPR certifications must be renewed every two years, and other important components of the paramedic’s role may require you to revisit guidelines as well. At HCI College, your 32-hour program refreshes you on HIV and Pediatrics, as well as other areas of your choosing.

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