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Growing Number of Insured Patients Leaves Florida in Need

RN Shortage

A combination of increased need for care and an inflated aging and retired population has medical professionals across the state of Florida worried: is a massive and problematic shortage of skilled and qualified nurses going to mean massive problems for the population?

The problem is two-fold, and stems from the size of the Baby Boomer Generation—both in general and the escalated number of them that reside in Florida. As the Boomers who have held these nursing positions for the past several decades age into retirement, they’re vacating jobs and leaving big gaps that hospitals, physicians’ offices, and clinics are left responsible for filling with care. And on the other side of the coin, aging into retirement also means, for many, aging into health problems and long-term issues requiring specialized, regular, and even constant care.

A problem lies with where the nursing vacancies are: hard-to-fill positions, like emergency rooms and critical care centers.

Insured Patients Leave Hospital Staffs Insufficient

Aside from the Boomer-related shortage issues, another is plaguing health administrators: Since 2013, more Americans have been able to receive or obtain health care coverage than ever before under the Affordable Care Act. The extension of health insurance to those who previously went uninsured means more patients in search of quality services.

Becoming a Nurse with Health Careers Institute

With all these vacancies in the nursing profession, there’s no better time than now to begin a path toward a nursing career. At HCI, we have programs to help you become a certified nursing assistant (CNA), registered nurse (RN), or licensed practical nurse (LPN), each one a stepping stone or sustainable healthcare career in its own right. Our flexible hybrid programs allow for non-traditional and otherwise occupied students to get the most out of their education and embark on the career of their dreams. If your calling is in nursing, find out more about becoming a nurse at HCI.

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