Gaining Hands-On Paramedic Experience with HCI

HCI Paramedic Online

A paramedic’s job is dynamic, hectic, demanding and, most of all, fundamentally crucial to the people it serves and assists.

To be a professional emergency medical technician-paramedic (EMT-P or simply paramedic) is to be on your feet, quick-thinking on your toes, working long shifts, and never knowing where the work day will take you. But for many professional paramedics, this fast-paced career in health care service is their life’s true calling. If you’re one of those future paramedics, you can begin preparing yourself for the rigors of the job at Health Careers Institute.

Becoming a Paramedic at HCI

To become a paramedic with training and education from HCI, you’ll need to complete a few steps before enrolling in your program. All candidates must:

● Be at least 18 years old
● Have successfully obtained a high school diploma or GED
● Have completed an HIV/AIDS training course
● Have a valid driver’s license
● Have a certification in professional basic life support (BLS) from the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association
● Be CPR certified

With these steps and requirements met, you can enroll in an associate of science degree program to obtain an AS in emergency medical services. This degree path utilizes the EMT-P curriculum to prepare you for the job on day one of your new career, as well as greater future employment opportunities as a paramedic and potential leader in the field.

Students must retain a B average throughout the degree program.

HCI’s Hand-on Training

HCI lets you gain insight into the daily life of a paramedic. To complete the program, candidates must complete a total of 300 practical hours. Of these, 240 will be spent on an ambulance and 160 in a hospital. This immersion into the field is perhaps the best way to prepare a future candidate for a job that has no “typical” workday.

During practical training, paramedic students will get a feel for being on call, responding to various types of emergency scenes, and learning the ropes of the ambulance and EMS team. In such a fast-paced profession, hands-on experience is of unmatched value.

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