Registered Nurses Rated Number 1 in Best Medical Careers for 2016

Registered Nurses Rated Number 1 in Best Medical Careers for 2016

The top ten careers of 2016 were rated on a scale of 1-10 and given points of whether the career was excellent, good, average, poor, or bad.  Ratings are based on salary, educational requirements, job availability, and work environment.

  The list for 2016 is as follows:

  1. Registered Nurse – Score: 9.80
  2. Medical Laboratory Technologists – Score: 8.95
  3. Dental Hygienists – Score: 8.03
  4. Radiation Therapists – Score: 7.82
  5. Cardiovascular Technologists – Score: 7.75
  6. Respiratory Therapists – Score: 7.38
  7. Dietitians and Nutritionists – Score: 6.95
  8. Massage Therapist – Score: 6.83
  9. Health Information Technicians – Score: 6.78
  10. EMTs – Score 6.75

As noted above, being a registered nurse is the top job within the medical field for 2016.  The pros of working as a registered nurse are that as a registered nurse, you can work in a variety of settings from nursing care facilities, to hospitals. Working as a registered nurse, you may be required to work shifts such as the graveyard shift, or work weekends and holidays.

As a registered nurse, you may have the opportunity to make a very good salary.  The average salary earned by the highest 10 percent of workers is about $98,800.  Your salary could vary based on the facility you work in.  In addition, the more experience and education that you have, the more opportunity you have to make more money.

Education-wise, as an RN, you are required to have a minimum of an associate’s degree which takes about two years to complete.  As stated above, the more education and experience you have, the more likely you are to move up as a registered nurse.  As you go through your field, you can then find your niche and join a specialization to move up in the ranks.

In terms of flexibility, there is some flexibility within the career, but there will be times where you are needed to work graveyard shifts, and major holidays.  Over all, it’s one of the best choices within the medical field, and definitely worth looking into if you are looking to join the field!

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