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Cardiac Cath Lab Nurse and ASN Degree

ASN Cardiac Care Nurse

Before picking what you would like to specialize in within the healthcare field, the first step is to become a registered nurse.  To become a registered nurse, you will want to find an accredited ASN program, which will take about two years to complete if attending fulltime. 

If you later decide that you want to get your Bachelor of Science in nursing, your Associate of Science in nursing may be applied towards that.  Courses in your ASN degree can focus on science such as biology, psychology, anatomy, and physiology.  In addition, students who know they want to specialize in cardiac catheter lab nursing should take elective courses that teach them about cardiovascular systems and the heart.  Once you graduate your ASN program and pass the NCLEX-RN, you can start preparing for your career as a Cardiac Cath Lab Nurse.

A cardiac catheter laboratory nurse can work with a team of catheter lab nurses to treat cardiac patients.  Typically, catheter lab nurses are found in the ICU, cardiac units, or outpatient centers. Catheterization is a procedure that patients may undergo if they are getting a defibrillator or pacemaker.  In order for a doctor to perform tests or treatment on a patient’s heart, a catheter is inserted in a blood vessel and threaded to the heart.  As a catheter lab nurse, some duties you may have are preparing the room and patient, assisting the doctor during the procedure, checking the patient’s vitals, assisting in recovery, and communicating with the patient’s family and comforting them throughout the procedure.

Salary and Job Outlook for Cardiac Cath Lab Nurse with ASN

For a cardiac catheter lab nurse, the average salary can be anywhere from $63,000 to $83,000. As with all jobs, salary will vary depending on education, geographic location, and experience.  If you decide to continue your education and get a BSN or MSN, you may be more marketable, and possibly expect to make more money. 

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