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Licensed Practical Nurse

Licensed Practical Nurse

Nursing is a profession for those with a passion for it. The benefits to a career as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) are endless.  If you have decided that you would like to become an LPN, the first order of business is to decide where you will go to school.  Any prospective LPN will need to find an accredited school to apply to.

Schooling for LPNs

For the most part, LPN programs will not require college courses to be taken prior to admittance, but instead a high school diploma or a GED.  The application process may take some time.  Typically, in order to apply for an LPN program, you will need to provide high school transcripts, letters on recommendation, and an essay as to why nursing is a passion and why you want to be admitted into that specific school’s program. 

In addition, many programs will require you to take a test that shows your academic abilities. After all that, you may be asked to come to the school for an interview.  Many times in the interview, questions are:

  • Why do you want to be a LPN?
  • Why did you school this school?
  • What are your goals within nursing?

School for a licensed practical nurse averages about a year.

Work Setting for an LPN

Rehabilitation – In a rehabilitation center setting, LPNs and RNs will work together caring for patients who are in the process of gaining back skills and improving their overall health after a medical event.

Hospital – In a hospital setting, an LPN works under the supervision of a registered nurse in caring for patients. In general, the hospital is not a setting that most LPNs work in. Instead, they are usually in facilities that offer long term care.

Nursing Home – A nursing home is a place where patients are not expected to improve, and this is a facility where LPNs can be found.  In a nursing home, an LPN may be in charge of taking care of patients.

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