Online BSN vs. Brick & Mortar BSN

Online vs BM BSN

Although getting your Bachelor of Science in Nursing is the same degree whether you obtain it online or at a traditional college, there are some differences between an online BSN program and a brick & mortar BSN degree program.

  • One of the biggest things students will want to take notice of when deciding whether they want to apply to an online BSN program is whether or not it is accredited.  More traditional schools are beginning to offer online programs that are also accredited, but if you are picking any school that offers a BSN program, you will want to make sure to do your homework.  If the program is not nationally recognized, you may have some problems later on.
  • One perk of going back to school online is that you can get your education at a lower cost than going to a traditional campus.
  • In an online BSN program, one thing that you may miss as a student is the group camaraderie that you would get from being at a traditional school.  Having the support and help of other students who are also working towards their BSN can have a huge impact on how you do.  However as an online student, you can still connect with faculty and classmates online.
  • However, one thing you do have in an online BSN program is time.  You have the ability to work at your own pace, and balance your work between your family, career, and other commitments and obligations.  On a traditional campus, there are typically only a few time slots for classes, and that’s your only option.
  • Communication styles will differ between an online program and a traditional college program.  For are visual learners, you may prefer being in a traditional learning environment, as the online classroom lacks non-verbal cues that you may need.
  • Lastly, another thing to consider when deciding which education type is best for you, is that class participation will differ.  Although class participation is important in a traditional setting, in an online BSN program, a greater emphasis is placed on class participation.  Everyone has to participate, and that’s usually a significant part of your grade.

Before you make a decision about what type of program would best fit your life, make sure to take all of this information into consideration.

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