Graduation June 21, 2024 – Guest Speaker Ken West, President & CEO of HCA Florida JFK Hospital

Benefits of Learning from Industry Professionals at HCI

Industry Professional Instructors

All throughout our lives we learn from many different sources.  As children, we learn from our parents, families, teachers, friends, books and television.  As we continue to grow up, those sources still hold true, but when it comes to higher education we need a little more, and HCI knows this. 


After making the decision to focus on one area of study in a specialized school, we also make the selection to learn from experts, and place our trust in these professionals.  Thats not to say that our teachers growing up werent professionals in their subject, but many higher education professors also work in the field they are teaching.

Health Career Institute believes that learning from professionals in the healthcare industry is invaluable, and ensures that they work their hardest to make sure their staff is well-rounded and proficient in their subject.  Having access to this kind of staff is very beneficial to the students.  Not only are they learning from professors who actually work in the healthcare field, but they are also building relationships and networking with industry professionals who want to see them succeed.  HCI offers small classroom sizes that allows students to build connections to other students and to the faculty.  Having these types of relationships with these specialists is priceless once you have graduated.

When its time to make the decision of where you want to go to school, make sure to keep in mind that if you have the opportunity to learn from an industry professional, take it.  Being able to build a rapport and relationship with a professor who also acts as a mentor is priceless in the healthcare field.

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