Industry Professionals at HCI

HCI hires Industry Professionals

Everyone processes and digests new information in different ways.  There are three main types of learning techniques: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. HCI makes sure to cover all areas of learning areas by hiring industry professionals who focus on both textbook and hands-on learning. 

Visual Learning

  • Visual learners use visual objects such as graphs, charts, pictures
  • Can read body language well and has a good perception of aesthetics
  • Able to memorize and recall various information
  • Tend to remember things that are written down
  • Learn better in lectures by watching them

Auditory Learning

  • Retain information through hearing and speaking
  • Often prefer to be told how to do things and then summarizes the main points out loud to help with memorization
  • Often has talents in music and may concentrate better with soft music playing in the background

Kinesthetic Learning

  • Likes to use the hands-on approach to learn new material
  • Is generally good in math and science
  • Would rather demonstrate how to do something rather than verbally explain it
  • Usually prefers group work more than others

Health Career Institute makes sure they equip their facility with professors and staff who are professionals within the healthcare industry and are knowledgeable in the different ways students learn.  Between access to hands-on equipment and experienced staff, students with all different learning techniques will be able to easily learn in the classrooms at Health Career Institute.  It’s easy to overlook the importance of learning from those who have experience in certain fields.  When reading from a textbook, you may skim the pages, or take some notes, but being able to combine textbook learning with a professor who works in the field helps give perspective on what you will be experiencing once you have graduated and are ready to enter the work force.

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