Graduation June 21, 2024 – Guest Speaker Ken West, President & CEO of HCA Florida JFK Hospital

HCI’s Hands-On Learning

HCI Facilities

Health Career Institutes central headquarters is located at 1764 N. Congress Ave, West Palm Beach, FL.  This facility is more than 10,000 square feet which houses several spacious classrooms that can accommodate various class sizes.

Each classroom is equipped with all of the appropriate equipment so that instructors can easily add video material to any lecture. HCI also has a library that open 8 A.M. to 4 P.M. Monday through Thursday. The library also has computers, allowing students to have access to research.

Health Career Institute prides itself on being a hands-on learning institution for its students.  We have worked hard as an establishment to equip our facility with industry standard equipment to help benefit students.  In the healthcare field, its very important for students to have access to equipment that they will use in their careers.  Students will have the ability to get comfortable with a variety of equipment to aid them such as,

ECG machines with defibrillators, IV solutions, syringes, laryngoscopes, IVs, practice medications, and so much more.  Having these types of resources is so important in the healthcare field, because its a career where you need to know both the book knowledge and then how to apply that knowledge on a live person in what may be a life or death situation. 

HCI also offers an adult simulation lab that helps portray real-life emergencies.  These simulation labs are made to look like hospital rooms and first response sites so students can have pseudo-practical experiences in a real-life emergency setting.  HCI also has simulated mannequins that act like a human, by having breath sounds, blood pressures, and pulse rates.  Having the accessibility to these life-like experiences is so valuable to these students. 

To find out more about HCI and our facilities, call us to schedule a visit: (561) 586-0121

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