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The Importance of Paramedic Refresher Courses

Paramedic Refresher

As we continue to evolve in the world of medicine, it’s important for those who are working hard to keep the public safe to also take part in the new developments.  Health Career Institute offers a two-day Paramedic Refresher Course used to test your knowledge as a paramedic and uncover your strengths and weaknesses.

Health Career Institute’s Paramedic refresher will:

  • Prepare you to successfully complete the Florida Paramedic certification exam
  • Identify areas of strength and weakness
  • Assist you in mastering specific test-taking and study preparation techniques
  • Provide in-class exams with practice questions
  • Supply you with a complete study guide with a take home exam for your practice

HCIs Paramedic Refresher course is important for several reason; as stated above, standards and medicine continue to grow as we are faced with new technology, so as healthcare professionals it is our duty to keep up with the times. 

Paramedics are the first on scene in an emergency situation, so it’s important that we are knowledgeable and up to date on protocol.  For instance, CPR guidelines are reviewed and updated every 5 years.  In the past decade, there have been many changes, so chances are if you learned CPR years ago, it has changed. 

As a healthcare provider, CPR certifications must be renewed every 2 years for this reason.  In terms of CPR, new advances have taught medical professionals what parts are most essential to the survival of your patient.  The Paramedic Refresher course is also important because you may need to be trained in new equipment.  Similarly, with scientific advances, the medical field also updates their technology, providing healthcare professionals with new or additional materials that may be needed on a daily basis.

If you have more questions on Paramedic Refresher courses, please visit HCI’s Continuing Education page

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