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Five Pointers For Nursing School Students

Nursing School Pointers

Nursing is a competitive field that requires a lot of time and dedication.  Whether you are applying for nursing school or have already begun, its helpful to have some strategies to help keep you focused on the ultimate goal.

Organize & Prioritize in Nursing School

If you dont consider yourself a very organized person, start by buying a calendar, it can be a small planner or a wall calendar, but start marking important deadlines.  From there, once you have a syllabus and your work, you can start adding in nursing  exam dates, what reading you plan to do on what nights, and homework deadlines. For many people, being able to see the whole will allow you to see the bigger picture, and allow you to prioritize your semester.

Set Goals in Nursing School

As you get started, begin to set attainable goals for yourself.  No goal is right or wrong, but its important to set goals that you will be able to achieve.  For instance, you may be given five chapters of reading for the week.  Try setting a goal that you will read a chapter and a half and create a study guide for the first four nights.  On your fifth night, spend time studying the notes you took throughout the week to help reinforce everything youve read.

Reduce Your Distractions While in Nursing School

Remember that going to nursing school is considered a short term goal that will help lead to the long term goal of your career.   Start budgeting your time between your school work and your friends and family.  As important as it is to take time for yourself, you also have to keep focused on the future.

Gain Good Study Habits in Nursing School

Start with simple tricks such as color coding your notebooks for their specific subjects.  Another tip is to have a clean study space – the library wont always be available, so you may want to find another place that you can concentrate in.  In terms of studying, make study guides, and write down everything.  Set deadlines for yourself, and if you find yourself having trouble studying, find a classmate you can study with.

Dont Be Afraid To Ask For Help in Nursing School

Lastly, dont be afraid to ask for help.  Your professors are there to assist you because they want you to succeed.  Another great resource are your classmates. You all have different experiences and they may be able to teach you something new.  Always ask questions and keep an open mind.

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