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BSN Frequently Asked Questions


If you are thinking of entering into a BSN program but dont know much about it, a great way to learn is to look at some frequently asked questions for the program you are interested in.  Below are some general questions you may have about a BSN program.

What does BSN stand for?

BSN stands for a Bachelors of Science in Nursing.

How long is a BSN program?

Typically, a BSN program will take about two years/four semesters to complete, if you are going to school full-time. Some schools will offer a seven semester program for those students who need to attend part-time.

What is the minimum GPA needed to enter a BSN program?

Most programs are looking for students to have a GPA of a 3.0 in all coursework, although it can vary from school to school.  The GPA of the average BSN student is a 3.5.  Overall, most schools are looking for a grade of Cor higher in all their courses.

Im thinking of applying to an RN to BSN program, what courses will I have to take?

Like any type of college program, you will be required to take traditional liberal arts classes such as Psychology, Biology, English, and Mathematics. After fulfilling your general requirements, you can expect to take more focused classes in nursing, such as Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition, Ethics in Nursing and Leadership in Nursing.  All schools will offer different courses to give you a general overview of the field.

How will having a BSN improve my job prospects?

An incoming nurse with a BSN will have a higher advantage than those with an RN in terms of pay grade and career advancement.  Nurses with a BSN are more likely to work in leadership roles within their community.  Some titles that someone with a BSN may hold are Nurse Practitioner, Head Nurse, and Clinical Nurse Manager.  Organizations such as the military, U.S. Public Health Service and the Veterans Administration are looking for bachelor-level education in their nurses.

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