Five Pointers To Becoming a Nurse

Bachelor Of Science In Nursing

Research and Prepare for Nursing

If you are thinking of going into the nursing profession, its important to know what you can expect from working in the field.  Becoming knowledgeable with the different positions, areas of expertise, and different work environments will help ready you for nursing school.

 Once you have decided the path that will work best for you, you will want to research degree programs that will be a good fit.  As a incoming student, you may decide you want to go for the four-year bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) program.  Others may decide to go for their associates degree in nursing (ADN) which is a two year program, and work for several years before going back to earn their BSN.  There is no right or wrong path, but youll want to know which way will work best for you.

Always Ask Questions in Nursing

Theres never a dumb question when someones life is at stake.  The medical field sometimes involves life and death situations, and one question can make all the difference when it comes to saving a life.  A good nurse is confident in their knowledge but will ask for the opinions of other professionals when needed.  Staying curious will only allow for more insight and growth within the nursing field.

Patience & Compassion in Nursing

As a nurse, its important to stay receptive of your patients’ feelings and beliefs because you can expect to encounter different cultures, language barriers, and customs.  If you are neither patient nor compassionate, you may want to consider another field; patience and compassion are two vital characteristics needed for good nurses.

Communication in Nursing

In nursing, there is constant communication between the nurse and the patient, the patients family, the doctors, and other co-workers within the practice.  Some important factors in communication within nursing are honesty, responsiveness, and availability.  Not only is communication based on verbal cues, but the way a nurse responds non-verbally is very important.   Poor communication from nurses and doctors can have a negative impact on a patients care.

Always Give 100% in Nursing

Lastly, in nursing you always want to make sure you give 100 percent in everything you do.  Continuing your education will show your colleagues that you are dedicated and eager to advance within your career.  Staying focused and avoiding distractions will give your patients the quality of care they deserve and need.  

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