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Firefighter School Requirements

Firefighter School Requirements

If you’re interested in going to school for firefighting, there are some requirements most programs will ask of you.  Below are some basic recommendations that will not only help you through firefighter school, but will also be beneficial later on when you apply to a fire department.

Firefighter Education

Most firefighter schools require incoming students to be at least 18 years old and have either a high school diploma or a GED.  Once accepted into a fire science or fire technology degree program though, your education becomes more valuable as you move along.  Whether entering an associate’s degree program or a bachelor’s degree program, continuing your education will prepare you for what’s to come in the field.  Although continuing your education won’t be a determining factor when it comes to being hired by a fire department, it does show dedication and that you have basic knowledge to those who review your resume.

As a incoming student in a fire science program, you may also want to prepare yourself by becoming EMT certified.  Almost all departments will require an EMT certification in order to apply since a majority of calls are emergency medical related responses.  In addition, having an EMT certification prior to applying will make it easier, when going through the fire academy.

Firefighter Physical Ability

Although a school won’t require you to be in good physical condition, if you haven’t begun already, now is the time to start physically training for your future career in firefighting.  There will be many physical demands you will have to face as a firefighter such as, wearing protective equipment that weighs about 50 pounds.  Being prepared physically will also assist you when going through a firefighter academy, which will test you in your physical abilities.

These above recommendations are just two that you may want to consider before applying to schools.  You may also want to explore volunteer work, preparing for your background investigation, getting hands-on experience, and mentally preparing for what’s to come.  If you stay focused and equip yourself with the necessary tools, you will be well on your way to a position in the career of your choice.

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