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Changing Fields Within Nursing

Changing Nursing Specialty

Nursing is a large field with many specializations.  Incoming nurses may have an idea of what direction they would like to go in, but it doesnt always mean its the specialization they will stay in for the remainder of their careers.  Luckily within nursing, switching specializations is an option thats open to everyone.

  If you are thinking of changing  your niche within nursing, below are some things you may want to consider.

Why Do I Want To Switch Specialties In Nursing?

Reasons for wanting to make the switch can vary for each individual.  Some reasons are to make more money, to advance in their careers, to pursue a new interest, or to move to a better working environment.  Its not uncommon to change interests within a nursing career, and for those who do, the motivation tends to be that they want to continue to advance and grow professionally.  Whatever your reason is, its important to know yourself and why moving forward into another area of expertise is important to you as a professional and as an individual.

How Long Should You Wait Before Switching Specialties In Nursing?

Its recommended that you stay within your specialty for two to five years before switching.  The reason for this being that it takes several years to become proficient in a specialty, and switching too often and too soon makes you less of an expert in any area, which in turn makes you less valuable to an employer.

What Will The Transition Be Like In Nursing?

Transitioning between specialties could be difficult.  In any field, you have to stay accountable professionally, so transitioning smoothly between specialties will have a lot to do with how you handle it.  In addition, the employer also has their part in assisting for a smoother transition.  Many departments offer shadowing other professionals in the field which is a great option before deciding to make the switch.  Shadowing will help you get a feel for what you may encounter, and allow you to ask questions of your peers who are familiar with the work.

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