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Changing Careers: Firefighter To EMT

Firefighter to EMT

If you are already a working firefighter, the transition to becoming an EMT wont be too difficult.  The majority of fire departments require that incoming firefighters are EMT certified, so chances are you already have the basic training of an emergency medical technician.

There are three main designations within the EMT field”

  • EMT-Basic
  • EMT-Intermediate
  • Paramedic 

Depending on your training as a firefighter, you may already have the training and education for an EMT-Basic. 

As an EMT-Basic, you will be able to determine a patients condition and handle cardiac, trauma and respiratory emergencies.   In addition, you will learn how to handle a stressful situation, as well as keeping everyone involved calm as well. 

If youre looking to advance as an EMT-Intermediate, you will have to train to do so.  As an EMT-Intermediate, you will go a step further and learn how to properly administer an IV, and general pharmacology. 

Lastly, the most advanced title as an EMT is a paramedic.  Training for a paramedic is rigorous and will continue to build on top of the prior two courses.  In addition to determining a patients condition and being able to quickly and calmly react, paramedics also prepare patients’ records, transporting patients to hospitals, make sure equipment and vehicles are working properly, and how to properly administer medication for a variety of reasons.  To become a paramedic, you can expect to spend more time in training, and some programs will give you the opportunity to practice in the field.

Regardless of the EMT course, you will be required you to take an exam known as The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT).  As a firefighter planning to switch to an EMT carer, there may be a bit more schooling involved, but there are many similarities between the fields.  Firefighters and EMTs have similar duties and training.  Whatever path you choose, just remember that both careers will be very rewarding and give you the opportunity to help your fellow citizens.

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