How Long Is Schooling To Become An EMT?

How Long Become EMT

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) assist patients who are in medical emergencies. EMTs are often first on call, and are vital in emergency situations.

The N The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) offers certifications for five different levels of emergency medical personnel.  The time it takes to complete a program will vary depending on the level the EMT student wishes to achieve.  Below are the levels of certification a future EMT may consider.

First Responder and EMT-Basic

The goal of a First Responder or EMT-Basic course is to be able to determine a patients condition and handle cardiac, trauma and respiratory emergencies.  First Responder or EMT-Basic programs take the least amount of time to complete.  In an accelerated program, it could take as little as three weeks to conclude.  As a part-time student in a First Responder or EMT-Basic course, it may take up to eleven weeks to finish.


An EMT-Intermediate course varies in the time it takes to achieve depending on the state where the EMT will be gaining his/her certificate.  This program can take anywhere between 30 – 350 hours of training.  Training in an EMT-Intermediate program is more advanced, teaching students more sophisticated life support courses, such as medical administration and cardiac monitoring.


Becoming a paramedic is the most advanced level for Emergency Medical Technicians.    Courses in Paramedic training are more rigorous and in depth than coursework for a First Responder, EMT-Basic and EMT-Intermediate.  This program could take as long as two years to complete, and students may obtain an associate’s degree upon fulfillment.


After training, in order to obtain your license, you must complete the NREMT which will certify you as an Emergency Medical Technician.  After passing the exam and receiving EMT licensure, EMTs are required to renew their license every couple years through continued education.

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