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Firefighter School Online

Firefighter Online School

In order to become a firefighter, its not necessary to continue education after high school, but for those who decide they want training, an online fire science or fire technology program is a great option. 

An associates degree is most common for prospective firefighters.  In a two-year program, students will be taught the foundations of emergency services.  Some courses one may see in a two-year fire science major are fire prevention, fire behavior and combustion, and fire protection.  A bachelors degree in fire science will delve even deeper, providing courses such as hazmat, environmental science, and wildland firefighting.

You may be asking yourself, why should I consider an online degree in fire science?  An associates or bachelors degree in fire science will help prepare you for examinations when you are going through the hiring process with a fire department.  Before becoming a firefighter, prospective firefighters must pass 3 exams – a written exam, psychological exam, and a physical exam.  For the written exam, the foundations you need to know will typically be studied. 

In addition to getting your associates or bachelors degree, prospective firefighters may want to consider volunteering at a local fire department to also gain hands-on experience.  Not only will community service help your resume when applying for a position, but you will also gain contacts who may be able to help you with recommendations down the road.  

While volunteering and going to school, students may also consider becoming EMT certified and/or going through CPR training.  Depending on the fire department, this may be mandatory for all prospective employees.  Its also important to make sure you are in  good shape, because the physical examination will be strenuous and firefighters should be as physically fit as possible.

Continued training will help your odds at advancement within the career. With preparation, dedication, and focus, youll be ready to start your new career as a firefighter!

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