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Online Nursing School Basics

Online Nursing School

Not all who want to go into Nursing approach it the sameway.  After high school, there are several options for those interested in Nursing programs, such as earning your Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree at a four year school.

However, going to school full time on a campus doesnt work with everyones schedule; another option is an online Nursing program.

Although most incoming students will be fresh out of high school, there are also many transfer and adult students who may have decided that they want to start a new career and earn a degree in Nursing.  For those who work full-time, online Nursing programs may be an ideal way to fit schooling into ones commitments .  

Generally in an online Nursing program, you will complete the non-clinical portion of your degree online and later arrange to do your clinical portion in a facility near your home.   Some Nursing programs may require a mixture of online and classroom work, which will require you to be on campus a few days a week. 

Because many online schools are affiliated with universities, you may be on the same semester schedule as on-campus students.  However, you have the luxury of being able to complete your degree at home, and on your own time.

Depending on what degree youre going for, the length it takes to achieve your degree will vary.  Each program requires a certain amount of credits in order to graduate.  If you decide to start out by earning a certificate, many certificate programs can take anywhere from 7 months to a little over a year. Similar to a traditional campus, an Associate’s degree in Nursing can take up to two years, and a Bachelor’s degree can take up to four years as a full-time student. 

Nursing students often say that the factors when choosing their school were convenience and flexibility.  For those with families and careers, online Nursing school is a great way to balance your responsibilities.  If youre looking for a quality education in the comfort of your own home, make sure to research different online Nursing programs and find a program that works for you.

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