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Courses to Take Throughout EMT Career

EMT Training

In order to become an EMT, the educational aspect of the career can often be extensive. The process does not end upon certification, as a good EMT continues learning throughout his or her career in the field.

EMT Foundation Education

The first step is that you must have a high school diploma in order to be eligible for any EMT training program, as well as a clean criminal record. Eyesight and color vision are also two requirements, in addition to a solid level of fitness.

While the requirements of each state vary, all states demand that EMTs and paramedics are licensed. Courses for EMTs are typically between 120-150 hours, and take between 2-6 months. Classes can be taken at community colleges, technical schools, emergency medical service academies, and universities.

EMT Basic Training

Basic training for EMTs consists of 100 hours of training in urgent situations, like cardiac and respiratory emergencies. These can also include childbirth and other big disasters. Some programs also provide training in CPR.

EMT Intermediate Training

Intermediate training for EMTs involves between 30 and 350 hours of classroom instruction, which focuses more on life support care, trauma management, medication administration, and intravenous treatment.

EMT Paramedic Training

Paramedic-level training for EMTs can take up to two years, and often lead to certificates or associate’s degrees. Some of the classes involved might include medical terminology or emergency service management and psychology. After each training program, the EMT must complete a certification exam.

Overall, with EMT training comes with a wide array of courses. You should be prepared to tackle work in anatomy, physiology, cardiology, medications, and much more. 

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