Switching Careers: Firefighter

Firefighter career change

Being a Firefighter is often a childhood dream. The appeal of saving lives and being a hero to so many people is always such a rewarding aspect in any profession, and few others offer that quite like being a Firefighter does.

So, have you considered a career change to Firefighting? If so, there are plenty of things you should know and consider before investing in such a drastic lifestyle change.

Do Your Research For Firefighting Career

As with many things in life, you should not jump into this without looking to see what’s in the water first. In other words, don’t make an impulse decision and quit your current job before knowing exactly what you will be be getting into. The first thing to do would be to look into the requirements and available opportunities in your state, since all states have different methods of operation.

Look For Firefighter Volunteer Positions

A great way to start would be to seek out an opportunity at a local volunteer hall and get your feet wet in Firefighting. Most places are more than open to volunteer Firefighters. This would allow for you to go through training and decide if Firefighting is really for you. You could first take a written test, and if necessary follow it up with a physical exam.

Firefighter Schedule

Prospective Firefighters must also understand the unorthodox hours that come along with the job, such as 24-hour shifts. Becoming a volunteer Firefighter first will also allow for you to gain experience, proper training, education, and to obtain certifications.

If you have a strong will of accomplishment and strive to help others in your line of work, then exploring a career switch to Firefighting would be a wise move to consider. Just remember to do all necessary research and ease into the profession by taking the tests and/or volunteering first.

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