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Courses to Take Throughout Firefighter Career

Firefighter Courses

Firefighting may come across as only a physical career that requires little more than the desire to help people, bravery, and a will to make a difference. However, obtaining proper education and certification before and during a Firefighter career will benefit you greatly in the long run, opening up many more windows of opportunities in the profession down the line.

Firefighters Should Take EMT Course

One of the first things to do would be to take a full EMT training course while working as a volunteer Firefighter. Doing this will ensure that once you apply for jobs as a full-time Firefighter, that you will not only be more prepared for the job, but also be much more employable due to your training

It would also be advantageous to enroll in a CPR class as well to become certified. This can be completed at any agency that offers training, or the American Red Cross. Having this in your back pocket will improve chances of going on different exercises with the Firefighting team, as well as increase your capabilities around the fire station

Firefighters And Fire Science Degree

As for formal education, Fire Science is the path to go. Fire science and technology at a number of colleges will prepare you for a job as a Firefighter by teaching you how to extinguish fires with hoses or pumps, evacuate fire structures, treat and care for victims, operate emergency vehicles, maintain Firefighting equipment, and even participate in public education. All of these vital aspects of a Firefighting career will be learned with a degree in Fire Science.

After this, the hiring process often includes a written exam, oral interview, drug screening, physical exam, and background investigation.

All of these combined will prepare anyone to be a highly successful Firefighter, and set them up for a long and prosperous career in the business. Firefighters’ educations are also never over. Continuing to learn on the job and gaining additional certification is a fantastic way to ascend the career ladder.

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