Urology Nursing Job Description

Urology Nurse

Urology Nurses are Nurses who care specifically for patients who suffer from urinary tract problems. Urology Nurses are trained to provide checkups and care for common conditions without needing to consult with other physicians first.

Many diseases or complications in this line of work include issues related to the human urinary system, the kidneys, urethra, bladder, and much more, all of which are taken care of by Urology Nurses.

Urology Nurses must maintain the overall health of a patient, while also working well under pressure. Nurses also must be prepared to deal with a significant amount of human discomfort, since urinary issues are often accompanied by pain and embarrassment. Patients must be made to feel as comfortable as possible.

Duties of Urological Nurses include the following:

  • Provide patients with routine checkups without the supervision of physicians
  • Measure patient’s vital signs
  • Perform routine examinations
  • Keep patient educated and informed of what is required of him/her to maintain urological health
  • Determine appropriate tests and medicine to apply to problem

Urology Nurses often find themselves working in a variety of settings, such as hospitals, urology clinics, or alongside everyday doctors who require the assistance of Nurses to treat patients affected by urinary system issues.

Nurses can become Urology Nurses sometimes with just an associate’s degree, although a bachelor’s and/or master’s degree will open many more doors in the field. Urology Nurses are often required to gain a few years of experience before becoming fully specialized.

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