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Trauma Nursing Job Description

Trauma Nurse

Trauma Nurses are Nurses who often wear many different hats, typically dealing with emergency situations. They are trained to deal with a variety of different accidents, and work in emergency wards and other hospital locations to provide many different forms of healthcare.

Trauma Nurses also frequently deal with patients suffering from extreme or life-threatening injuries.

Trauma Nurses work in emergency rooms, critical care units, and in cohesion with emergency flight teams where they can provide appropriate medical intervention for patients in severe circumstances.

Many duties typically performed by a Trauma Nurse include the following:

  • Provide careful Nursing interventions in emergency situations
  • Triage patients and evaluate the severity of the patient’s injuries
  • Provide IV insertion, intubation, medicine administration, blood drawing, and many other medical procedures
  • Prepare patients for surgery or diagnostic testing

Trauma Nurses often receive additional education beyond a bachelor’s degree in Nursing to solidify eligibility for the position. Trauma Nursing is extremely strenuous, since the nature of the job entails many unexpected circumstances since accidents can happen at any time, but calm Nurses who work well under pressure will find the profession extremely rewarding.

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