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Research Nursing Job Description

research nurse

Research Nurses are in fact scientists who study many different facets of health, illness, and health care. Research Nurses are Nurses who must design and implement scientific studies, as well as look for other ways to improve healthcare services and ensure all methods of medical care are as effective as scientifically possible.

Research Nursing is a vital aspect of the healthcare field, due to the major impact it has on treatment methods, and also funding for medical services. Nurse researchers often begin their careers in positions such as research assistants, clinical data coordinators, or clinical research monitors. All Research Nurses also must be adept writers, as they will find themselves preparing journal articles, grant applications, study reports, and much more.

Research Nurses are often required to perform many of the following tasks:

  • Find ways to deliver healthcare services more effectively
  • Encourage patients to make healthy life choices
  • Partner with scientists in other fields to help solve problems
  • Gather necessary information from research participants
  • Write grant proposals
  • Teach in either academic or clinical settings
  • Find best ways to assure patient safety and provide care

Research Nurses are equipped to work in a wide variety of settings, such as universities, laboratories, research organizations, and much more. Private companies or nonprofit organizations also often hire Nurses. Research Nurses typically move from project to project due to the nature of the job, as well.

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