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Midwife Nurse Job Description

midwife nurse

Midwives, often women, are professionals in obstetrics who provide care to women during pregnancy and birth. Many Midwives provide primary care and other services such as caring for reproductive health, gynecological exams, family planning, menopausal care, and much more.

Midwives specialize in childbirth, postpartum, and well-woman health care of all kinds. They are highly trained professionals who are educated and experienced in every stage of labor, as well as having the ability to handle any deviation from a normal progression in any stage of pregnancy.

Many typical duties of Midwives are:

  • Primary and specialty care for women
  • Diagnosing, treating, and managing care of women with chronic illnesses
  • Conducting physical examinations
  • Reviewing medical history
  • Ordering and managing care determined by diagnostic tests
  • Delivering babies
  • Attending to pregnancy related issues
  • Providing care for women from puberty to menopause
  • Prescribing pharmacologic treatment
  • Educating clients

During complications in the birthing or pregnancy process, Midwives are trained to refer women to obstetricians, perinatologists, or other professionals who are more equipped to deal with things of that nature. Midwives are also prepared to deal with breech births, twin births, posterior position births, and many other births, but are specifically trained to refer the patient to a separate professional should things go awry.

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