Military Nursing Job Description

military nursing

Military Nurses are Nurses who care specifically for patients in the Military all over the world. These Nurses perform many of the same medicinal practices as other Nurses, including administering medication, treating wounds, and taking care of the sick. Military Nurses must embrace the nature of their jobs, being that they often find themselves being taken all over the world for Nursing.

Military Nurses typically perform many of the following actions:

  • Monitoring wounds for infection
  • Preparing patients for surgeries or debridements
  • Providing preoperative and postoperative care
  • Checking the efficacy of the method used to reduce postsurgical swelling
  • Monitoring pain medication to maintain a level of optimal relaxation and rest
  • Educating the injured patients on how to care for themselves
  • Providing emotional support for patient and patient’s family

Military Nurses also assist patients with exercising in order to keep them flexible to prevent joints from becoming contracted. These methods are typically more customary for an occupational therapist, but Military Nurses will also help patients with daily activities, and encouraging them to keep patients positive and upbeat during an often trying process.

These Nurses have the special task of caring for some of the toughest individuals in the world. Military Nurses must be there at all times to assist war-injured patients deal with severe medical situations, such as limb loss and the mental and physical toll that comes along with it. It takes extremely patient, understanding and positive individuals to be successful Military Nurses.

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