Graduation June 21, 2024 – Guest Speaker Ken West, President & CEO of HCA Florida JFK Hospital

HIV Nursing Job Decsription


HIV/AIDS Nurses are specifically trained to provide care and assistance for patients suffering from AIDS, which is an incurable disease that attacks the immune system. HIV/AIDS Nurses spend plenty of time helping patients deal with the mental anguish of having such a severe disease.

Here are some of the traditional duties of an HIV/AIDS Nurse:

  • Connect patients with support groups and other services
  • Educate patients on how to prevent the spread of the deadly disease
  • Administer treatments and medications
  • Initiate a pain management plan for patients
  • Help patients and their families work through the emotional toll of having the disease

This field of Nursing is very structured, and involves more dealing with patients’ mental and emotional state than most others. The HIV/AIDS Nursing profession is very research-oriented, and requires Nurses to be very diligent and thorough in every aspect.

Becoming an HIV/AIDS Nurse begins by completing a Nursing education program at an accredited institution, much like all other Nursing fields. After completing their education, Nurses then take an exam called the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination), which allows them to become licensed practicing Nurses in their state. After then gaining some experience working with HIV/AIDS patients, Nurses can then take an exam known as the ACRA (AIDS Certified Registered Nurse) credential.

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