Holistic Nursing Job Description

holistic nursing

It takes a special type of person to be a successful Holistic Nurse. This field of Nursing is very unique as it is a specialty practice that taps into traditional Nursing knowledge, theories, and expertise, but also requires much intuition.

Holistic Nurses use alternative medicine, traditional Western medicine, and many other different medicinal methods.

What Holistic Nurses Do

Holistic Nurses do not specifically care for an injury, disease, or illness, but instead care for the body’s wellbeing. Nurses cater to the patient’s mental, spiritual, and emotional state to ensure that they are in good spirits all around. Holistic Nursing is a growing, niche field.

Duties of a Holistic Nurse often include the following:

  • Performing acupuncture
  • Helping patients with stress management
  • Performing aromatherapy
  • Conducting massages
  • Performing hypnosis, hydrotherapy, and balneotherapy
  • Administering traditional Chinese and Eastern healing practices
  • Wellness coaching

Holistic Nurse In The Field

Successful Holistic Nurses not only practice their craft in medical settings, but must adopt a lifestyle of self-responsibility, spirituality, and reflection outside of a medical setting in order to adequately perform the duties of a top-notch Holistic Nurse. It is more than a job.

Holistic Nursing Education

Like other Nursing fields, prospective Holistic Nurses start out by getting an Associate’s degree or Bachelors degree in Nursing, followed by passing the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). Nurses then can start working as a practicing Holistic Nurse for at least one year, or however long it takes to accumulate 2,000 hours or experience.

Nurses must also complete at least 48 contact hours of continuing education in the field within two years of applying for certification. 

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