Geriatric Nursing Job Description

geriatric nursing

Geriatric Nurses, also known as erotological Nurses, are Nurses who specifically care for older patients. There is an extremely high demand for Geriatric Nurses, due to the fact that older people are much more likely to require medical services.

Only 1% of Nurses are certified in Geriatrics, which is miniscule compared to the fact that half of all hospital admissions are for patients age 65 and older.

Geriatric Nurses are well-equipped to care for complex health needs that older people may have.  Older patients are much more likely to suffer from diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, arthritis, hearing impairment, dementia, and much more. Nurses also must be educated in assisting patients in coping with changes in mental and physical health.

Duties of a Geriatric Nurse often include:

  • Assessing mental status, as well as cognitive thinking ability
  • Gaining an understanding for a patient’s health issues
  • Asking the patient about common health concerns, such as possible falls, sexual issues, etc.
  • Organize medication
  • Educate patient about safety and disease prevention
  • Explain recommended medication regimen

Geriatric Nurses also will find themselves working in a wide variety of settings, such as hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, senior centers, retirement communities, patients’ homes, community health agencies, etc.

Geriatric Nursing typically includes generalist and specialist practice. Generalists are registered Nurses, whereas Geriatric Nurse specialists are advanced practice Nurses who have graduate level education in the field. 

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