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Job Description For Forensic Nurses

Forensic Nurse

Forensic nurses are certified nurses who care for victims or perpetrators of crime, while acting as part of the legal system, Forensic Nurses collect evidence surrounding the incident, as well.

What Do Forensic Nurses Do?

Forensic Nurses will help investigate crimes such as sexual assault, physical assault, and accidental death. All Nurses are highly trained professionals in medical evidence collection and the criminal justice system. Most of a Forensic Nurse’s time will be spent in a traditional hospital emergency room, where they will help determine any immediate signs of foul play.

Some of a forensic nurse’s typical tasks and responsibilities include:

  • Testifying in court as an expert medical witness
  • Taking blood and tissue samples
  • Photographing and measuring wounds
  • Collecting vital evidence on the body
  • Providing support and encouragement for victims and their families

What Is  A Forensic Nurse’s Job Like?

Due to the nature of their jobs, it is imperative that Forensic Nurses are prepared physically and mentally for a fast-paced, structured and research-oriented work environment.

Forensic Nurses can also choose to specialize in different areas, such as sexual assault nursing, being an expert medical witness, community education and much more.

Forensic Nursing is relatively new to the Nursing field. It can be a taxing job due to long periods being spent on your feet, as well as lifting or moving patients. 

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