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Cardiac Nurse Job Description

Cardiac Nurse

Nurses who specialize in a wide variety of cardiovascular procedures are known as Cardiac Nurses. These Nurses work specifically with patients who suffer from many conditions regarding the cardiovascular system.

Some of a Cardiac Nurse’s typical responsibilities include:

  • Evaluating and treating patients
  • Providing postoperative care
  • Monitoring stress test evaluations
  • Monitoring cardiac and vascular readings
  • Educating patients and their families
  • Supporting and motivating patients’ lifestyle changes

Cardiology Nurses play very diverse roles in the medical industry. If they are advanced enough, they often conduct research and educate patients in preventative methods. Nurses will also treat patients in clinical settings, while keeping records of their medical histories, and performing diagnostics as well.

Cardiac Nurses can work in many different medical environments, such as:

  • Coronary care units (CCU)
  • Cardiac catheterization
  • Intensive care units (ICU)
  • Operating theaters
  • Cardiac rehabilitation centers
  • Clinical research
  • Cardiac surgery wards
  • Cardiovascular intensive care units (CVICU)
  • Cardiac medical wards

To become a Cardiac Nurse, you must earn at least an Associate’s degree in nursing, but a Bachelor of Science is the best way to advance a career in Cardiac Nursing. Prospective Nurses must then go through at least 2,000 hours of clinical practice prior to becoming certified courtesy of the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).

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