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Your First Year As A Nurse

first year nurse

Whether you are currently in school to become a Nurse or you are simply curious as to what it would be like to be a Nurse, the following will walk you through some career pointers  in your first year as a Nurse.

There Is No “I” In Nurse

One of the most important lessons to learn about the field of Nursing is that the medical team needs to work together. You will come together with other Nurses and doctors. You cannot care for a patient alone and will be doing yourself and the patient a severe injustice if you try. Nurses and doctors have to work together to give the patient comprehensive care, so don’t try to run yourself ragged trying to take the world on by yourself.

Take Every Learning Opportunity As A Nurse

If something is going on, and you’re not entirely familiar with it, insert yourself wherever you fit in. Your first year of Nursing will be filled of these opportunities and you will greatly benefit from learning with hands-on experience.

Don’t Be Afraid To Teach As A Nurse

You may have only been on the job for a short period of time, but if you are sure of yourself and an opportunity arises where you can teach a fellow Nurse something new, seize the opportunity. You never know what the person you are teaching might have to offer you in return.

Your first year will be full of new and exciting experiences, likely a few surprising ones, as well. Take everything in stride and remember the hard work and dedication it took you to get to this point. 


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