3 Reasons You Should Become An EMT

reasons to become an EMT


So, you have been giving it some thought, but you’re not quite sure if becoming an Emergency Medical Technician is the right move for you. If this is the first step on your journey, let us point out some of the best aspects of being an EMT.

No Day Is the Same For An EMT

If you have been doing your research about a job as an EMT, you are clearly not one for a 9-5 behind a desk. One of the perks of being an EMT is that every day is different. Some days are quiet and others are busy. Two quiet days are never the same, and two busy days are never the same.

It is hard to get bored in a career when you cannot predict how your day will go. This keeps the job fresh and new, and while you are always on your toes, you are also always in the field getting hands-on experience as an EMT.

Following Your Passion For Helping People As An EMT

Deciding to get into the health career field is not a small decision. It should be a passion of yours because there is a lot of work that goes into getting such a position. But, if it is something you feel very strongly about, you can rest assured you will have a career full of helping others on the scene.

While so many people tap away on their keyboards staring at a clock that seems to never move, you will be out in the field where time seems to fly doing what not only makes you feel good, but what helps save lives.

You not only get to earn a paycheck, but you get personal satisfaction at the end of the day when you go home and know you made a difference.

Room To Advance As An EMT

When you get into the field, you are not just at the same spot your entire career. There is always room to advance and move up. Some of it can be done with schooling, while the rest can be done with time in the field.

You are also not stuck in the same pay grade. As you move up in your career, your salary moves in the same direction – up. 


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