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5 Benefits of Nurses Working in Aging Care Homes

Nurses often find employment in big hospitals and small medical clinics, but those who want to venture into different sectors will discover nursing homes are an industry where they can also achieve success. 

The aged care industry is growing, driven by several factors. First, baby boomers—a generation of 70.68 million people—are now aged between 57 and 75 years old; the youngest baby boomers will turn 65 in 2029. While many are in excellent health and medical advances are helping them live longer, many people will eventually need aged care.

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Advantages of Working in Nursing Homes 

With more people moving to aged care facilities, there will be greater demand for nurses. So, if you’re considering shifting to a career in senior care, here are five benefits that await you: 

  1. Good Job Opportunities

As mentioned, the demand for capable nurses in the senior care sector will open more job opportunities for nurses. With close to 94 million older Americans that may require medical care and only 3.8 million registered nurses nationwide across all disciplines, it’s easy to see the disparity. Additionally, aged care patients often have complex physical and mental health requirements. Based on the latest data from the American Geriatric Society, only 8% of the nurse practitioners focus on adult care, with less than 3% certified in geriatrics. 

This will mean one thing for nurses: after earning an RN degree, they will have ample opportunities to further their careers in senior care. 

  1. Higher Pay

Working in the senior care industry allows nurses to earn more. According to Salary.com, an average aged care nurse can earn between $66,552 and $84,970. The rate varies based on the years of experience, education, certification, and additional training one has. 

In some cases, senior care nurses assigned to complex cases can receive higher pay because their roles are more specialized. 

  1. Better Working Environment 

Working in a senior care home is less taxing and demanding than working in big hospitals. Despite being on their feet as many nurses are, senior care nurses enjoy less stressful working conditions since most of their days are structured and based on the daily routines of their charges. 

A healthy work-life balance is more easily achieved when working in a nursing home. The flexible but predictable working environment allows nurses to focus on other aspects of their lives, including family, recreation, and self-improvement. 

  1. Build Lasting Relationships

In nursing home care, nurses and patients often form strong bonds, and nurses have more time to connect with other healthcare workers in the facility. Team members caring for the same patients can feel a stronger sense of shared purpose and community.

Building lasting relationships is important since it can improve a nurse’s overall well-being. With improved workplace culture and connectedness, the workplace is much more enjoyable. 

  1. Chance to Improve Skills and Career

While some tasks in nursing homes can be routine, this doesn’t mean they’ll be boring. With the wide variety of diagnoses in nursing homes, diversity in medical conditions will give your brain a good workout. 

Nurses can use this opportunity to widen their knowledge, improve their skills, and further their careers. Remember, caring for older adults is a subspecialty of internal medicine and allows you to delve deeper into the different aspects of nursing care that aren’t normally seen in the wards or outpatient clinics. 

As the aging population increases, older patients will require care from healthcare professionals with the right education, skills, and knowledge. If you think this career is for you, be sure to explore your options. 

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