A & B Shift-Friendly Schedules at HCI College

HCI College Shift-Friendly Schedules

The firefighter schedule is called an ABC schedule. What this means is that they work 24-hour shifts then have 48-hours off. Rotating shift schedules ensures that firefighters are able to train and relax between work shifts. Now, HCI College is offering A and B shift-friendly class schedules so that firefighters can attend classes to become paramedics.


What does a shift-friendly schedule look like?

Your paramedic class schedule will follow a rotating shift pattern around your work schedule. For example, students could take B-shift classes on a Thursday one week and on Wednesday the next week. 

A schedule might look like this:

  • Monday – B-shift
  • Friday – C-shift
  • Monday – C-shift
  • Tuesday – A-shift
  • Wednesday – B-shift
  • Thursday – C-shift

The paramedic classes are held between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. With one class per term, students can focus on their coursework. It helps students who have an ABC work schedule fit their educational goals into their lives.

A and B shift-friendly classes cover the same material as the traditional college. In fact, your classes will run in conjunction with the students who attend school every day. Your schedule works around your rotating shift work schedule.

How long does it take to graduate?

With A and B shift-friendly class scheduling, you could graduate with a Paramedic diploma in a year. You will complete three semesters in those 12 months with one class started per term.

Traditional class scheduling usually involves taking several classes at once a few days a week. For people who work an ABC schedule, it would be difficult to attend class or learn the material.

HCI College offers shift-friendly classes that accommodate your work schedule. You have time to learn the material and study. It provides an opportunity for you to get the education you need to qualify for career advancement.

The pace is on track for you to graduate within a year of starting your program. With shift-friendly scheduling, you can continue to work in the field while furthering your education!

Are you ready to take the next step in your career? Build your skills with HCI College and contact us today to learn more or to enroll.

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