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Beginning Your Career In Firefighting

begin career firefighter

There are several ways to get into a career as a Firefighter. Whether you are straight out of high school or just finished your post-secondary education, you should always begin with your resume. 

Put Your Firefighter Resume Together

If you received your degree in Fire Science, this will be a little easier to put together your Firefighter resume in the sense that you will have a lot of room covered with the classes you have taken, as well as any experience you may have received while in school.

Also, be sure to include the Firefighter tests and certificates you have under your belt. There are several that are necessary in order to get a position as a Firefighter, so these are important to include on your resume.

Once that is completed, elaborate on your resume through your cover letter. This will have to be customized for each company you apply to, but it is a quick process.

Finding Firefighter Companies

Have you decided on the location where you would like to work as a Firefighter? That is a great place to begin when you start looking for companies to apply to. Are there any companies you have ties to? That is another great place to start.

It is always a good idea to utilize your resources. Find where you have connections and go for it. Many companies welcome referrals which is why you commonly see families within the same company.

Where will you begin?


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