Is Becoming An RN Right For You?

Becoming An RN

Nurses work with patients every day. They coordinate patient care, explain treatment plans to patients, and administer healthcare to patients.

Nurses monitor the progress of a patient’s health and so much more. Nurses give patients the kind of care that they need. It means managing the expectations of the job. This checklist can help you to see if becoming an RN is right for you!


Compassion is an important aspect of nursing. You want to help people. You want to make a difference in the lives of patients. You know how to talk to patients about their diagnoses in a caring way. You also need to be able to answer their questions, even if it is stressful or heartbreaking. Nurses understand the importance of just being there.


Nurses know the profession is about commitment to the field. Not only that, but you are committing to the patients. Some days may be hard. You may experience many different emotions while working as a nurse, work with a variety of people, and face all kinds of illnesses and injuries. As a nurse, however, you commit to doing the job and doing it to the best of your ability. It is a commitment, and it takes commitment and determination from those who become nurses.


Learn everything you can about being a nurse. Make sure to read medical charts, ask patients questions, and listen to the answers. Nurses can be excellent listeners and communicators. They also strive to be excellent in the care that they provide to their patients. Your skills as a nurse will grow as you gain more experience, but you must always strive to give your best for both the patients in your care and the doctors who work alongside you.


In the nursing profession, details can mean life or death. Giving a patient the wrong medicine or the wrong dosage can cause harm. Not paying attention to what you are doing can make a patient take a turn for the worse. Great nurses, on the other hand, pay attention to the details of their job. If you’re detail-oriented, becoming an RN may be right for you!

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