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What you need to know before earning your AS in EMS

earning your AS in EMS

The prehospital and emergency medical field includes EMTs and Paramedics, and an associates degree means that you have an additional credential that qualifies you for more roles within Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

This is what you need to know before earning your AS in EMS.

Prerequisites for AS in EMS

Before you can enroll in the AS in EMS program, you should have already become certified as a Paramedic. Those who wish to enroll in the program have to complete Paramedic training before they can enroll. The degree is designed for working Paramedics.

The good news is that by becoming a Paramedic, you are already nearly finished with the degree. All that is left are the 15 general education college credits to earn the associates degree.

These general education courses can be completed online. That’s right! You can finish your associates degree while continuing in the field as a Paramedic. There is no need to put your current career on hold while earning your AS in EMS.

The associates degree enhances your career. With an AS in EMS, you may qualify for higher level positions within the EMS. Your education will be well-rounded, and you will have gained important business and leadership skills.

Taking the First Step

Becoming a certified Paramedic is the first step toward earning your AS in EMS. The Paramedic program at HCI will equip you for the demands of the job and give you the real-life skills you need to succeed.

Paramedics work alongside EMTs as first responders in emergencies. They help to keep patients alive. With expertise in cardiac, stroke, and diabetic care, Paramedics can support the lives of their patients and make a difference in patient outcomes. Wound and illness care is also vital to their jobs.

Earning your AS in EMS is a great step forward in your career. If you are not already certified as a Paramedic, you will need to complete Paramedic training first. We can help you every step of the way in your career at HCI. Our friendly staff can answer your questions and make sure that you meet the prerequisites for your program.

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