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Becoming a Fire Instructor with HCI College

Becoming Fire Instructor HCI

If you love firefighting, have you ever considered becoming a fire instructor? HCI College offers a program to train firefighters to become instructors at their fire service.

The entire fire instructor program consists of two courses that teach firefighters how to design and deliver courses on firefighting. You could train the next firefighters!

Fire Instructor Courses

Learn everything you need to know to lead fire instruction courses. You will even get the chance to teach a course of your own for practice. By the time you complete the program, you will have the skills necessary to train new firefighters in your fire department.

In Fire Service Course Delivery, you learn the effective methods and techniques that are used in the teaching process. You also gain experience by applying instruction principles. The course satisfies certification requirements for the Fire Instructor I level. Learn about and practice teaching techniques.

Fire Service Course Design is part of the Fire Instructor II and III curriculum. In this course, you learn how to design a fire course. The focus is on adult learning and student-centered learning. Units cover course design, learning styles, performance, and behavioral objectives. You will know everything you should know to design a fire service course by the end of the class.

What Fire Instructors Do

Fire Instructors are certified to teach firefighting skills and techniques to firefighters. As an instructor, you will teach volunteer firefighters and firefighters level I and II. In Florida, firefighters can earn their certification for instruction once they have done six years of certified firefighting. They have to be able to demonstrate firefighting techniques in their courses, so physical fitness is also important for instructors.

Instructors teach firefighters to work as a team. They share knowledge of firefighting techniques, including how fires start and how firefighters can contain and exterminate fires. Teaching is one way to lead, so being able to lead a group of firefighters in a training class is a great skill. The Fire Instructor training program at HCI prepares you to become a fire instructor with a combination of textbook learning and hands-on training. Learn what it takes to become a good fire instructor.

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