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Emergency Medical Services A.S. Degree: What You Need To Know


The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) AS degree has many benefits for advancing from a Paramedic. Your career as an EMS professional can be taken to the next level with a college degree. Becoming an expert in your field is a great career goal.

This is what you need to know about the AS in Emergency Medical Services and why you should enroll in the program today:

Before you enroll in the AS in EMS degree program, you must already have obtained your Paramedic certification.

Not a Paramedic? Then enroll in the Paramedic certification program before applying for the A.S. in EMS. Let your advisor know that you intend to complete the A.S. in EMS soon after you earn your Paramedic certification.

If you are already a Paramedic, you can provide proof of your active certification and your college transcripts to enroll in the associate degree program. Paramedics are advanced-level EMS providers, and the Paramedic curriculum forms the basis of the degree.

Online courses
Your college credits from earning your Paramedic certification complete the core requirements of the AS in EMS program. So, what’s left to do? The general education courses round out your education and finish the degree.

You can take the 15 credit hours of general education courses online. This gives you the ultimate flexibility in completing your college degree. Because the classes are offered 100% online, you can continue to work in the field as a Paramedic.

Competitive edge
The AS in EMS may give you a competitive edge in the labor market. Stand out from other applicants with an associates degree in Emergency Medical Services.

If you apply for promotions in the field, you will show your initiative and drive for leadership roles by having a college degree. Some locations may even require that their Paramedics have a college degree. Get a head start by working toward the degree now.

Quality education
Prepare to demonstrate leadership skills in your career. Can you manage a team of rescuers, assess the situation and the patient, and make sound decisions? An AS in EMS is more than a degree.

Gain the skills you need for success in your career. HCI provides a quality education that prepares you for the Emergency Medical Services.

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