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Flexible RN Schedules Makes Advancing Your Career Easier

Flexible RN Schedules


Education for advancing your career should never get in the way of current responsibilities.

We understand that our students have jobs and families, so we built flexibility into our classroom schedules. The flexible RN schedule may make advancing your career easier.

Earn your Associate of Science Degree in Nursing with a flexible schedule at HCI College. As an RN student, you will learn professional nursing skills and responsibilities. You will attend lectures to build foundational learning before you delve into hands-on labs and clinicals to gain experience.


Built-in Flexible Scheduling


Students are allowed to switch course days during the semester. What does this mean? For example, if you usually attend a class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but you need to do something on Tuesday and miss that class, you can make up for it by going to the Monday or Wednesday class instead.

You can plan your class attendance around your other responsibilities. One week, you could go to the Monday, Wednesday and Friday classes. The next week you can switch to go to the Tuesday and Thursday classes. Switching days allows your RN classes to work with your schedule.

Work with your instructors to see which class meetings will keep you on track for the term. The flexible scheduling means that you won’t have to miss out on your training. It is important that you attend your classes and fit in time to study.


Advancing your Career


Flexible RN schedules may make advancing your career easier. You can avoid getting behind in classes by switching your class attendance days as needed. 

When you complete your ADN, you can sit in on the NCLEX-RN exam. Passing the exam qualifies you to become an RN. 

Enroll in the ADN program today! Classes are available for you to join. Your path to career advancement is possible with flexible scheduling.



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