Graduation June 21, 2024 – Guest Speaker Ken West, President & CEO of HCA Florida JFK Hospital

Beginning Your Career In Nursing

So you have finally got your prized position as a Nurse. But after all of the years of studying and worrying about getting to this point, now what? Now that you are in your career, it is important to understand about moving up the career ladder and advancing yourself.

Getting Settled As  A Nurse

Before you start making any kind of big career moves, you will want to get some solid experience under your belt. Hopefully you are in an area that you received some experience in and know that you are interested in it. Make sure to remain close with the Nurse manager to ensure you are always learning and growing.

You should always move a little bit outside of your comfort zone as that is where the best growth occurs. Take different Nursing shifts so you can understand the patterns, ask a lot of questions, work overtime, and make sure that you are absorbing everything you can in the field. That way, if you choose to get other certificates or advance your education, you have a solid idea of what direction you would like to go in based off of experience.

Connect With Nurses Outside Of Your Area

A great way to find out what other areas of Nursing are like without having to work in them is to mingle with Nurses in those fields and find out about them.

What certificates would you need? What are the schedules like? How is the pay? Are they happy, and why?

These are also things you can find out prior to getting into your area, but it is always good to keep a listening ear out for other opportunities.

Even if you plan to stay within your field for a long while, you never want to feel like you are stuck, or you can’t move forward. Keeping yourself knowledgeable in different areas of Nursing and their requirements will certainly help you in the future should you want to expand on your career. 


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